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Impromptu Road Trip

Posted by WisHxGeek , 13 August 2009 · 2,006 views

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  • Wishxgeek & Randolph Mantooth

Roy and Johnny. Idols of 1970's American youth... or at least my youth. Emergency! Do you remember the guys at Station 51 (Chet, Cap, Marco) and at Rampart (Doctors Joe Early and Kelly Brackett and Nurse Dixie). I still love to watch them and I have hooked my kids on the show (along with Adam 12 and other clasics). I am incredibly jealous that in Milwaukee they can watch Emergency! every night at 6 PM. Thank goodness for DVD's and Hulu!

Which brings me to the purpose of this entry... today's impromptu road trip south to Stevens Point.

I saw in the paper today that Randolph Mantooth (Johnny Gage for uninitiated) was going to be in Stevens Point signing autographs and such. So... when 3:30 hit I was out the door with my daughter Greta (who was pretty excited, too) and on our way. I remembered to grab Mike's Emergency! game from his youth, but forgot my purse.

It was a small crowd so we were able to get autographs right away and get a few pictures even. It was a brief encounter- but a fun one. It took a few years to finally meet him, but I am a patient girl. Robert Conrad, you're next...

Eat your heart out Becky!

By the way, a bit of trivia... Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early) wrote the song Get Your Kicks On Route 66. Here is a link to him singing one of his signature songs:

I am sooo jealous! I LOVED "Emergency"! He was my 'fav.'
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