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Felix Chevrolet Sign, Los Angeles, CA

US-6 roadtrip Felix Chevrolet Los Angeles California Figueroa Street


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Felix Chevrolet Sign, Los Angeles, CA

Felix Chevrolet has been selling cars on Figueroa Street since 1921 and has a wonderful neon sign out front featuring Felix the Cat. The Felix character was borrowed from the popular cartoon "Felix the Cat" by pioneering automobile dealer Winslow Felix, who was a friend of filmmaker Pat Sullivan, whose animation studio created character. The original sign was erected in 1957 and a newer version has been added one block north. As we’re driving a 1962 Chevy Impala, this would be an appropriate place for a maintenance check. I should note that I’m staying on Figueroa Street even though US-6 had been moved onto the Harbor Freeway by 1962. The freeway is only 1-2 blocks off the street, so on this Day 36 of my US-6 roadtrip we’ll be passing the same places, but we will get to see more, and stop whenever we want, on the old road.