The Two-Lane Adventure: Celebrating our highways of yesteryear...And the Joys of Driving them Today!
Celebrating our two-lane highways of yesteryear...and the joys of driving them today!

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"Is there anything as magical as a cross-country road trip? . . . You don't need a camera crew for your trip, just burn some great CDs, pack a cooler with cold drinks and snacks, promise to stay off the big interstates as much as possible (you won't see anything wonderful there), and head out exploring for a few weeks or more. For off-the-main-highway inspiration check out American Road magazine . . ."

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Spending Time on 99: History

Click on KPLU: Spending Time on 99 to listen to KPLU's program (an NPR affiliate station) on US 99 featuring AMERICAN ROAD® Magazine's Executive Editor and two-lane highway expert Thomas Repp.

Click to hear the Travel Guys interview American Road magazine General Manager, Becky Repp on various topics including Drive-in movies and Dinosaur-themed roadside attractions.


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