The Two-Lane Adventure: Celebrating our highways of yesteryear...And the Joys of Driving them Today!
Celebrating our two-lane highways of yesteryear...and the joys of driving them today!

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Preview Magazine - SUMMER 2015

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In this issue of American Road, we peer through the majestic, classic movie lens. Our features showcase locations connected to the silent cinema, beginning with the “Flicker Highway: American Road’s Silent Movie Route.” Our 370-mile path through Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri unearths the Midwest’s movie roots—from Harold Lloyd’s Birthplace to the hometown of Louise Brooks, the Buster Keaton Museum, and the first house ever frequented by Mickey Mouse. It’s ambitious, enormous, and assuredly the first attempt ever made to frame this region with regard to its filmic past. We’re honored to present the premiere.

Hollywood stars loved their cars, and that fact begs the question: If Clara Bow owned a gorgeous Rolls-Royce Phantom—and Cecil B. DeMille bought a classy Cadillac Town Cabriolet—why did Mary Pickford drive a modest Ford Model A? We reveal the answer in “Silent Star Cars.” Pickford also plays a part in “American Road’s Silent Era Films,” a reel retrospective that trains a spotlight on early automobile films such as Wallace Reid’s speedy romance, The Roaring Road (1919); and Mabel Normand’s triumphant turn in Mabel at the Wheel (1914). Our road departments continue the trend as we follow Will Rogers along Route 66, Lillian Gish on the Lincoln Highway, and Charlie Chaplin across US 101. We wrap up production with an installment of “The Extra Mile” that visits the Laurel and Hardy Museum of Harlem, Georgia, before cueing our final fade-out.

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